Welcome to Hamsies Cute Shop!

Welcome everyone, we are a traveling cute shop! We specialize in everything CUTE! This includes stationary, accessories, plushies, and many more.

Hamsies vends at conventions all over the East Coast of the US. We are based in Northern, VA. We sell both in person at various events, and online. We do not have a physical store front. (aka brick and mortar store.) 

What's Next for Hamsies Cute Shop?


Hi Everyone! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many events and conventions are canceled. Our next anticipated convention that we intend to vend at will be Otakon 2020. This is located in Washington, DC. Please click here to check out which events we are attending in detail!

Hamsies has a blog that we often update. You can get closer view at what happens behind the storefront!

Check out our Blog!